Drive Personal Ownership
Recognize the role and responsibility of every individual to own their environment and safety, and the importance of building confidence in every team member.
The safety and success of any construction project is determined by the individual decisions and actions of every team member, the things they see, communicate and act on day in and day out. Each person on the job, regardless of their role, has a deep responsibility for the safety of their entire team, and must commit to always taking initiative when it comes to safety, to own the choices they make and the outcomes that result from those choices. That’s why it’s critical to create an engaging, supportive environment that promotes communication, ownership, and teamwork, where everyone can express their ideas, needs, and concerns without fear of judgement or repercussion, be accountable for their choices and actions, and work together toward the safest solutions and outcomes. Showing trust and confidence in everyone’s ability to get the job done safely and efficiently will build confidence in every team member, in any position, and give them personal ownership and a strong voice in the safety and success of their team and project.
Encourage & Welcome New Ideas
Show that being more inclusive with safety planning, programming and practices leads to deeper trust, respect, unity and understanding within teams.
Our commitment to listening and embracing every voice extends beyond the task at hand. Craft professionals can bring fresh perspective on ways to improve everything from on-site conditions to daily operations to safety processes and practices. Encouraging everyone to participate in safety meetings, pre-task planning, or setting project goals and expectations shows how every individual and voice is supported and valued. By initiating open conversation, sharing ideas and suggestions, and providing constructive feedback, we can improve our communication, our team dynamic, and our culture. This not only strengthens trust and respect within teams, it also ensures every individual fully understands why things are done a certain way, why it should matter to them and why their role is important to the outcome. In an inclusive, collaborative environment, we have the opportunity to tap into everyone’s full potential, to create alignment around decisions and direction, and alliance in the shared responsibilities among everyone in the workplace.
Embrace Every Voice
Emphasize the importance of listening and accepting what’s communicated in the workplace to ensure every voice is heard, and strengthen trust and respect within teams.
Everyone is empowered to use their voice, but voices only matter if they’re heard. It’s one thing to speak up, but another to trust that your team, your supervisors, and your leadership will listen, understand and embrace your ideas, needs, concerns, and perspective. Embracing every voice doesn’t mean agreeing with everything said, it doesn’t require an immediate solution or response. It’s about listening and accepting what’s being communicated, and recognizing that when it comes to safety, nothing is more important than making sure every team member in every role feels seen, heard, understood, and supported. It’s also important to acknowledge and celebrate each other’s strengths and achievements. Seeing others succeed and be recognized for their hard work can be a motivating force that leads to increased effort, higher performance, and better outcomes. When we elevate each other’s ideas, innovate and celebrate success as a team, we create a work environment built on mutual respect, trust, and confidence at all levels.
Strengthen Our Culture
Elevate the individual contributions to our collective success in building a stronger safety culture that inspires and impacts the future of our industry.
Building a strong safety culture takes the collective and individual efforts of all levels within an organization. One decision can change an entire project, one incident can change an entire team, one voice can inspire many more that can change an entire industry. And it takes the commitment, determination, and confidence in each and every one of us to create positive change and a culture that places safety above everything else. It must become what we embrace, practice, and live every day. We are building the future of construction, a future focused on trust, ownership, a motivated and committed workforce, and a safe work environment for all. Where what we think, we share, what we hear, we embrace, what we see and do, we own. Where we are all seen for our unique contributions, respected for who we are as individuals, feel supported in our decisions and actions, and ultimately, proud of the work we do, the company we represent, and the impact we can make in our career, community, and industry for generations to come.

Safety Week 2024 Events

Hosting a Safety Week event is a great way to engage your team and celebrate safety where you work. Planning tools, resources and best practices to help you plan an event at your company are available for download on our website. Here are a few events to look forward to this year hosted by Safety Week executive committee companies.

National Safety Stand-Down

May 8, 2024

Event topic: Fall hazard awareness and the largest industry-wide stand down event ever held

Event overview: Construction Safety Week and OSHA are partnering to create the largest industry-wide construction stand down ever held. Companies are encouraged to join the national effort and stand down to raise fall hazard awareness and build a stronger, safer industry together. If you cannot join on May 8, we invite you to stand down with us any time during the week of May 6-10.

After the stand down, a Certificate of Participation can be downloaded so anyone who joined the cause can be recognized.

Abbott Northwestern Hospital | Minneapolis MN

May 8, 2024

Event topic: Fall protection & industry-wide stand down event

Event overview: Mortenson will conduct a stand down event in partnership with Minnesota OSHA and Allina Health at the Abbott Northwestern Hospital surgical and critical care building project site, with speakers from Mortenson, OSHA, Allina Health, and a 3M fall protection demonstration.

Hensel Phelps
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center | Torrance CA

May 8, 2024

Event topic: Fall protection & industry-wide stand down event

Event overview: Guest speakers include company and regional executive leadership and project representatives, craft professionals participating in our CARES committee will be recognized, and we will have an array of vendors from industry leading safety products.

Aurubis AG project | Augusta GA & Qcells project | White GA

May 8, 2024

Event topic: Construction Safety Week Stand Down

Event overview: Gray hosts stand down at two locations, the first multi-metal secondary smelter in the U.S., and the largest solar investment in U.S. history. We will explore how to empower every voice to recognize and speak up on safety. Regardless of title, every worker has the authority to STOP and raise awareness on safety or potential safety issues.

Gilbane Building Company
Safety Stand-Down | Washington, DC

May 8, 2024

Event topic: Industry-wide stand down even

Event overview: Gilbane will join with OSHA and other industry members to conduct a stand-down in Washington, DC, raise awareness about fall protection, and celebrate 10 years of building a stronger, safer industry through Construction Safety Week.

Hillsdale Steel Fabrication Shop I St. Louis MO

May 10, 2024

Event topic: Encourage, Listen & Empower—Powerskills for Safety

Event overview: Alberici is hosting a company-wide Safety Week event and virtual program they’ll be streaming from the Hillsdale Steel Fabrication Shop. The focus will be on developing communication skills with an emphasis on listening to learn and communicating like an empowering coach. Tri Pham from Dale Carnegie will be the speaker.

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