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Monday, May 1st

Safety is the industry’s top value, and establishing a supportive culture is essential to creating a safe work environment. Feeling safe and having the power to speak up when we see something unsafe are important to our day-to-day well-being at work. Managers and workers must commit that they will use their Strong Voices to back each other up and make Safe Choices. Planning, communicating, observing, and improving are ways to stay stronger and safer together.

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Tuesday, May 2nd
Risk Identification

We all face risks and make mistakes every day. Most of the time, risks or mistakes don’t cause us injury or harm, but on the job they can be significant. We can take three key steps to minimize exposure and harm: Knowing when we are placed in situations where errors are likely; being able to assess hazards; and identifying critical steps in our activities to make them safe. Open communication is key to having a stronger, safer workplace where we all look out for one another.

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Wednesday, May 3rd
Brain Matters

The most effective tool we have is the one between our ears. Head protection has come a long way since the days of leather and canvas hard hats. Safety helmets are becoming more common and offer the most protection our industry has seen to date. If your company has not made the switch from a hard hat to a helmet, we ask that you consider it.

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Thursday, May 4th
Continue Learning and Demonstration Day

The construction industry is filled with people of different backgrounds and experiences. Our differences provide an opportunity to share lessons learned on making tasks safer and more efficient, improving our overall safety. An interactive demonstration aimed at improving knowledge and safety led by experienced crew members that encourages participation can be educational and fun.

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Friday, May 5th
Take Action and Thank You

Every year, we have seen participation in Safety Week grow as craft workers across the country come together and commit to creating a safer working environment. As a result, our jobsites are safer today than they have ever been, and we hope our growing toolbox of resources will empower you to be a Strong Voice and make Safe Choices. We want to thank each one of you for participating in Safety Week this year. Remember, safety is, and must always remain, our top value.

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Safety Week Planning Resources

Bring Safety Week to life at your company. Here you can access and download all of the tools and resources you’ll need to get started on planning your week, including tips, best practices and all of the Safety Week branded materials you’ll need to support your events and communication. All materials for Safety Week 2023 will be available soon.

Daily Topics, Videos and Toolbox Talks
Download daily topic Toolbox Talks. Supporting daily topic videos and mental health resources will be available soon.
Safety Week Essentials
General materials such as the logo, seal, email signature, letterhead, PowerPoint templates, a Planning Playbook and virtual background that are updated for use in promotion and support of Safety Week 2023.
Job Site Banners
Download editable Construction Safety Week job site signage. Banner dimensions are 6ft. X 3ft.
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Download a social media toolkit, social media templates, a media relations toolkit, and a brand toolkit.
Translated Materials
Download the Safety Week seal, Daily Topics Toolbox Talks, Mental Wellness Field Guide and At Home Activities that have been translated into French and Spanish.
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Mental awareness is critically important for workers to stay safe. It is important that workers know there are resources available to support their mental health and help them be present and focused on the job every day.
At-Home Family Activities
At-home safety activities you can do with your family.

Event Success Stories

How do you do Safety Week at your company? Tell us what inspired you to get involved, how you engaged your team and the impact it has made in your workplace and community. We want to hear how your teams celebrate safety and how your continued commitment is helping us build a stronger, safer industry together. We also encourage you to share your safety stories on your company’s social media channels using #ConstructionSafetyWeek.

Prior to uploading, please ensure any photography or video has been reviewed and approved by a qualified safety professional.  Please confirm safe practices, including relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines, are being followed. You are also responsible for ensuring that all submissions are approved for Construction Safety Week’s use by any clients or other groups which may require approval. Submissions will also be subject to review and approval by Safety Week’s safety committee. Please include photography credit, if required, for publishing.


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