Safety Spotlight

Safety unites us all. It motivates us across the industry, at job sites in U.S. and Canada, and drives our choices and actions every single day. Read a few of the stories that those dedicated to safety have shared with us.

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Safety Matters

"Having a safe workplace is very important to me. It is the reason we come to work, and the reason we get to go home to our families at the end of each day. I believe there is no reason anyone should be injured at work."
Mitch Meyers | Superintendent | Nicholson
"Always working safely is important, because it allows me to be efficient and productive."
Phil Ayres | Equipment Operator | Nicholson
"You’re responsible for working safely and it will happen when the company has helped set you up for success."
Bill Pettit | Heavy Equipment Mechanic | Allan Myers
"We have a voice. It makes me feel like I’m part of a community where everyone cares for each other."
Dave Burkholder | Equipment Operator | Allan Myers
"When everyone works the same way, everyone gets to go home safely to their families each night."
Bridget Dzara | Articulated Dump Truck Operator | Allan Myers
"It’s a dangerous business, so it feels good to know that the industry, the company you work for and the guy next to you all have your back."
Andrew Nesby | Laborer | Allan Myers
"The outcome of our choices is what we have to live with, and the first choice that we should ever choose should always be safety."
Byron Dunnehoo | Safety Trainer | The Walsh Group
"For me, thinking and acting safely on the site always comes back to my family. When I step back and put my actions in perspective with my wife and two-year-old son in mind, it’s easy to do the right thing when it comes to thinking and acting safely."
Andy Sama | Senior Project Manager | Lendlease
"Safety and being safe allows me to go home to my family every night."
Joe Soares | Laborer Foreman | Walsh Canada
"Safety allows me to set a strong standard for workmanship on our jobsite."
Melaney Stanberry | Project Coordinator | Walsh Canada
"I sincerely care about the safety of my fellow employees."
Mark Gunter | Site Safety Manager | Nicholson
"When safety is a priority, quality and production follow – making the work atmosphere a more pleasant place to be."
Steve Davies | Project Superintendent | Nicholson
"One hand for me, one hand for my company and two hands for my coworker."
John Beary | Plumber Foreman at the Grafton Waste Water Treatment Plant Project | The Walsh Group
"Always be alert and aware of surroundings, and always be open to learning something new."
Gilberto Huezo | Laborer | The Walsh Group
"Always take your time and do things right and safe the first time, so you don’t have to redo your work."
Christopher Carrasco | Laborer | The Walsh Group
" “Whether it’s a local or international job, we’re always working to share our safety culture. Much of that comes from our commitment not to negotiate Personal Protection Equipment.” "
Karen Tran | Project Engineer | Gilbane