Everyone can own and act on safety

Raising up the craft professionals and the important role they play in keeping their teams and job sites safe
Building strong teams who work safely is the most important job for everyone on every construction site. It’s our common ground, a belief and a duty that unites us all. And at the center of all the activity, the hazards, and the frontline efforts to keep our team and environment safe on any project are the craft professionals. The dedicated teams with eyes and ears constantly open, on the ground observing, evaluating, and overcoming anything standing in the way of getting home safe at the end of the day. Those who are empowered to step in, speak up, and work together to stop anything that puts our safety at risk.
Uniting teams around our shared obligation and belief that we can see more, prevent more, overcome more, together
Not all hazards are obvious or easy to recognize even to those who see and face them every day, some are hidden in plain sight. Hidden in the routine things we do every day, hidden in the reactions we have when things don’t go as planned. So we all have the responsibility and obligation to not just speak up, but to act, and to always have each other’s backs. That means craft professionals, management, customers, design professionals and trade partners have to work together to create a supportive environment, to hear and help one another when it’s time to pause, assess, and take charge of anything that could put ourselves or our team in harm’s way.
Reinforcing how our collective strength and safety are achieved by working together to stay alert, focused, and supported at all times
Getting the job done well and as safely as possible is something we take great pride in every day, and we have the collective ability to see into every detail, to recognize when something isn’t right, and to stop these hidden risks before they escalate into something far worse. We must always be conscious of our surroundings and our actions, and work together to prevent any distractions that may arise from leading to serious consequences. When the plans change, new hazards are identified, or an unforeseen condition occurs, it’s on us all to be there and be ready to recognize, listen, and lead each other toward the safest solutions and outcomes.
Elevating our drive and dedication to building a culture where everyone is empowered to own and act on safety
This is our obligation, but it’s also a promise we make to each other because we care. We care about the communities in which we live, work, and play. We care about the friends and families who expect us to return home safe every day. We care about every voice, every choice, and every action that helps us to not only stay true to that promise, but to also make a positive impact as individuals, teams, and an entire industry. When there’s trust, respect, and communication, we are all empowered to own and act on safety. That’s how we can break the patterns that lead to accidents and injuries, strengthen our connections, and create more opportunities to improve our safety culture.

Safety Week 2023 Events

Hosting a Safety Week event is a great way to engage your team and celebrate safety where you work. Planning tools, resources and best practices to help you plan an event at your company are available for download on our website. Here are a few events to look forward to this year hosted by Safety Week executive committee companies.

LAX Airport/Los Angeles CA

May 4, 2023

Event topic: Exploring today’s Daily Topic and the meaning of Safety Week

Event overview: Owners and program managers are invited to a presentation and discussion emphasizing identifying and controlling job site hazards in order to avoid incidents

DC Utility/Washington DC

May 5, 2023

Event topic: “Inspiring a Culture of Safety” and the meaning of Safety Week at Aldridge

Event overview: Hosting local Utility employees, owners, and subcontractors to learn about Safety Week at Aldridge and from Steve Howe (an outside speaker) about “Inspiring a Culture of Safety”

Wichita Northwest Water Treatment Facility/Wichita KS

May 3, 2023

Event topic: Today’s Safety Week Daily Topic: Brain Matters

Event overview: A barbeque lunch event where Dennis Kalp will present on the topic “Brain Matters,” with special guest speakers Mike Gibson, executive vice president, AGC of Kansas and Kevin Cannon, senior director of Construction Safety & Health, AGC of America


April/May 2023

Event topic: “The Shortcut” – a true story, documentary film of survival with a strong safety message presented to students at trade schools in Memphis and Denver and a trade partner in Chicago.

Event overview: Multiple presentations of “The Shortcut” as a conversation starter with students studying their trade craft and a trade partner company, followed by a compilation video released during Safety Week.

Project Cardinal/New Albany OH

May 4, 2023

Event topic: Interactive excavation safety presentation

Event overview: Presentation and breakfast hosted by Igel Construction, followed by catered lunch and raffle prizes hosted by Milwaukee Tool, and a presentation by intel, Gilbane, and Bechtel management

Hensel Phelps
Houston Airport/Houston TX

May 3, 2023

Event topic: The importance of this year’s theme of Strong Voices, Safe Choices, and Hensel Phelps’ safety culture

Event overview: A standdown lunch and learn with guest speakers from Hensel Phelps’ leadership, a jobsite tour for local officials, catered lunch, giveaways to all guests, and learning stations focused around safety, technology, and total human health

J.F. Shea
“Operations Headquarters” (Equipment Yard)/Fontana CA

May 5, 2023

Event topic: Safety footwear, fall clearance calculations, harness fitment, and other learning demonstrations

Event overview: This day-long event will include four interactive safety demonstrations led by craft foremen, a hosted lunch, prize raffle and a presentation by keynote speaker Curtis Weber

Gaylord Pacific (Mortenson | McCarthy)/San Diego CA

May 5, 2023

Event topic: Safety demonstrations and discussions around this year’s theme of Strong Voices, Safe Choices

Event overview: Mortenson | McCarthy will host safety demonstrations on the project site, and there will also be a worker lunch featuring company leaders highlighting Strong Voices, Safe Choices

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