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Safety isn’t something we can do alone. And while we each must make safe choices every day – on our way to work, in the office, on the job site or heading back home – the impacts of those choices affect us all.

When we band together, we can build something bigger, more powerful than the job sites we work on, oversee and manage across the United States and Canada: We can build a stronger, safer industry. One where we deliver a clear and consistent message to our employees, and one where our workers, regardless of their role and responsibility in our organizations, always make the right choice, the safe choice.

Join us for Safety Week 2018 and celebrate the impact safety has on us all.

Direct benefits to your company include:

  • The chance to help develop and use an exclusive suite of materials you can share with your employees, subcontractors and partners to help improve safety.
  • An opportunity to serve as an expert source for trade and consumer media interviews about construction industry safety.
  • Your company logo listing on, social media posts, and other potential P.R. opportunities.
  • A chance at speaking opportunities at signature Safety Week kickoff events and other industry conferences throughout the year.

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